• a clear and vivid difference.

    Superior service, complete end-to-end management and a specialised team provide a new level of property management.

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    a clear and vivid difference.
  • unique service. unique results.

    Unrivalled customer service for owners and tenants means optimal investment property management and happier, more enjoyable tenancies.

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    unique service. unique results.
  • peace of mind. investment value. happier tenancies.

    Our unique service creates a range of unique benefits for property owners and tenants alike.

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    peace of mind. investment value. happier tenancies.
  • innovation has come to property management.

    A dedicated Service Desk, a team of specialists, and superior customer service deliver what other typical property management agencies simply can’t.

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    innovation has come to property management.

the vivid difference

We are not your typical Perth property managers.

Far from it.

The results we achieve for owners and tenants alike, is the difference.

Our dedicated and highly-sophisticated, end-to-end rental property management service focuses on delivering excellence at every touch point. We focus 100% of our efforts on property management to consistently deliver a new and unrivalled level of service to our Perth clients.

We’ve innovated away from the outdated property management agency model and pioneered efficient, streamlined processes that are unmatched in the Perth real estate services, strata management and rental management industries.

The traditional has been revolutionised. The old has been discarded and the inefficient has been eliminated, the difference is Vivid.

Discover the Vivid difference

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Vivid Property Management
Level 1, 22 Gibberd Road, Balcatta, WA 6021


Telephone: +61 8 62416200