the vivid difference

The Vivid difference

With our 100% focus on WA property management, we’ve surpassed all previous expectations in the industry, and introduced a new and unrivalled level of service to property owners and tenants. With Vivid, you can expect more - highly sophisticated systems, a team of experts and superior customer service that delivers excellence at every touch point.

Guaranteed attention to detail

At Vivid, we deliver detailed service and specialised attention to every facet of property management that others in Perth simply can’t, and don’t match. This is thanks to a dedicated Service Desk, a team of specialists, and a passionate service culture embedded throughout our organisation.

A team of specialists driven to results

The days of a single property manager in a sales office are over. Our team encompasses highly-skilled professionals who are experts in their field. Individually, the result is that the right person is allocated to any specific issue and, collectively, the result is that every aspect of our rental management is handled to the highest possible standards.

Respect is a cornerstone of our relationships

Successful long-term relationships are cultivated by providing both property owners and tenants exceptional service. For owners, our superior quality service provides the reassurance of quality tenants through detailed tenant recruitment, the best possible rent, and the realisation of their investment’s potential. For tenants, our unique service results in attentive customer care, fair treatment and pleasant living conditions.

Standards and culture

We know that exceptional service is an aspect that sets us apart. We set extremely high standards and take pride in reaching them. And we don’t stop there. We continue to innovate, improve and advance our systems to ensure our service remains unmatched in the WA property management industry.

Vivid Service Desk

Our unique Service Desk is a vital aspect of being able to deliver exceptional property management services. From Mandurah, to Stirling to Joondalup, each and every client receives a highly accessible single point of contact where every call is answered, every email is attended to, and every online request is logged, assigned and tracked through our centralised system to ensure prompt resolution.

Whether you need property management services in Stirling, Joondalup or South of the River, Vivid can help. Contact us today!
The difference isn’t difficult to see.

The difference is vivid.

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