the vivid story

Against the backdrop of an outdated Perth property management sector, we see most agencies delivering property management as an additional service to their core selling agency, and the substandard treatment of Landlords and Tenants. Vivid was established with a simple and strong focus:

To create a robust service structure in order to deliver a clearly superior standard of service to both property owners and tenants.

With an executive team possessing a strong foundation in property management in Perth, WA, and the operation of large scale, highly effective managed service organisations, the team’s vision was to create an environment enhancing the culture of true service delivery ethics. This is backed by a robust operating infrastructure that removes the risks of single points of dependency associated with typical property managers. This ensures we always deliver superior standards of service to property owners and tenants.

And that is exactly what we have done, making us the best property managers in Perth to entrust your property with. Welcome to Vivid, purely focused on providing residential property management services, our superior systems, operational infrastructure and service focused team of residential property experts position the Company as a market leading service provider to the Perth Metropolitan Area.

An expert executive team lead by Phil Langley, Michael Knowles and Chris Reaney, enhanced by Terry Rensen and John Cullum, creates a formidable unit with extensive experience in residential property and a proven record of establishing, developing and operating highly successful small, medium and large scale managed service businesses.

As a leading property management agency in Perth, the benefits of Vivid’s unique service are experienced by property owners and tenants alike.

For property owners, Vivid offers end-to-end services unmatched by outdated competitors whose core focus remains on sales. Our unique quality of service and attention to detail provides property owners with the reassurance that their investment potential will be realised and their customer care experience is unrivalled – backed by a reassuring Vivid Customer Service Charter.

Exceptional service is provided to tenants too, who benefit from Vivid’s fast and reliable Service Desk and their own customer care guarantee which, together, creates happier, long-term tenancies.

With significant points of difference and a whole host of value added service benefits, owners and tenants enjoy an unrivalled, superior level of service, care and attention as standard. That is what we stand for and that is the Vivid difference.


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Vivid Property Management
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Telephone: +61 8 62416200