benefits for tenants

Unique benefits for Tenants…

Vivid service desk

You’ll enjoy a single point of contact where every call is answered by our service team. Every email or online request is answered promptly with requests logged, assigned and tracked through our central system.

If you are reporting a maintenance issue, where possible we’ll always work with you to resolve the issue over the phone first. If a maintenance visit is required, we only use Vivid-approved service partners. This way we can be sure all requests are resolved on time with the highest level of service.

Result: We are always available to you, and will provide solutions without delay.

Unique, specialist team to deliver ultimate customer care

Many agencies have a single person responsible for all aspects of your property which means that if they aren’t available or contactable, everything stops! With Vivid, you have a dedicated team which ensures that you have superior customer service as and when you need it.
Our team comprises highly-skilled professionals who specialise in what they do best. The right person is allocated to your needs immediately.

Result: Superior quality service, faster response times, expert knowledge.

Guaranteed attention to detail

Our service culture, service desk, specialist team and dedication to surpass expectations mean we take care of all the extras other agencies don’t, or can’t. We know that happy tenants are a vital part of successful leasing. We treat all our tenants with the respect and courtesy they deserve.

 Result: We take care of the things you care about, with meticulous attention to detail.

A central system for smoother processes

With every request logged, monitored and recorded, there is no chance for anything to be missed, forgotten or overlooked.

Your safety is our utmost priority. All routine checks and tasks for your home are scheduled into our system, including inspections and smoke detector maintenance. These are timetabled into our system and expertly carried out to make sure your home is safe and enjoyable.
Result: Your peace of mind, knowing that every request is being actioned as fast as possible by an expert in their field.

Open communication

We make sure that you are always informed about all aspects of the property through open and clear communication. We always give you plenty of notice for routine inspections, annual services, or maintenance repairs, so you know exactly what is going on and have the opportunity to be present.

Result: Superior service, knowing that we are always available to you and you are always informed about your home.

Everyone treated with respect

Tenant satisfaction is paramount to us and we insist on resolving any issues promptly to make sure our tenants enjoy their home and their lifestyle to the maximum.
We achieve great results because we insist that everyone is looked after, considered and respected. We know that happy tenants look after and respect their home and the property will remain in the best condition.

Result: We take care of tenants, property owners and the home itself by ensuring everyone is respected and provided with first class customer service.

Standards & culture

We set extremely high standards for ourselves, and are proud of the level of service we deliver. We continue to innovate, improve and advance our systems to provide an unmatched level of service for our customers.
Result: You can be confident our systems, processes and culture deliver the highest standards of service, making your Vivid experience a pleasure.

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