routine inspections

Routine Inspection Guide and Checklist

Inspections are carried out to ensure the reasonable upkeep of the property by yourself as the tenant, and also to identify any areas of maintenance which may be required by the Landlord in order to ensure your enjoyment and use of the property.
In order for us to adequately check the premises for maintenance during inspections it is imperative that the property is presented in a clean and tidy manner, inside and outside.

We recommend that you complete the following preparation prior to your routine inspection visit, and ensure the internal and external items listed below are completed to a reasonable standard (to the fullest extent to which it applies to your property). Alternatively, you can download the checklist here.


  • All keys to new locks are provided to us prior to inspection should any locks have been changed

  • You have advised us of your current alarm code if it has been changed

  • Unreported maintenance items are reported to us prior to the inspection to [email protected]


  • If you have a permitted pet, please ensure that any pets are appropriately secured/restrained

  • All areas/rooms of the property’s interior are accessible and not locked


  • Gardens presentable, tidy and maintained, including:

Lawns to be presentable, tidy and maintained

Lawns, garden beds, driveways and paving to be free of weeds

  • Verandas, patios, courtyards, balconies, garage/carport, storerooms, driveway and paving to be swept or washed so they are clean and tidy

  • Paving, concrete, driveway to be free of stains

  • Eaves, outdoor ceilings, patio, carports, storerooms and sheds clean and free of spider webs and excessive dirt and dust

  • All loose general waste or rubbish is correctly disposed of

  • Swimming Pool and/or spa to be clean and useable

  • If pets are permitted, all animal droppings to be removed


  • All carpets to be clean and free of stains

  • All hard floors to be clean, vacuumed and washed

  • Bathroom floors, vanity, cupboard, basin, mirror, bath and exhaust fans are clean

  • Shower screen and shower recess, walls and floors to be clean and free of staining and scale build up

  • Toilet/s (including seat, cistern and pedestal) to be clean

  • All windows and doors; glass, frames, sills and tracks to be clean

  • Flyscreens are clean and dusted where accessible

  • Kitchen bench tops, cupboards and wall tiles/splash backs are clean

  • Oven shelves, grill, drip trays, hot plate, control panel and oven surrounds are clean

  • Kitchen stove top, range hood, exhaust fan/s and sink clean

  • Laundry sink, bench top, exhaust fan and tiles clean

  • Light fittings clear of dust, stains and marks

  • Ceiling fan blades and air conditioning units/outlets are clean and free of dust

  • Walls, skirting boards, doors, doorframes, light switches, control panels and power points to be clean and free of hand marks, stains and scuffs


In the unlikely event that we are unable to perform the inspection as a result of not being able to adequately access the property, or if it becomes necessary to re-inspect due to a tenant’s neglect to reasonably maintain the premises, we reserve the right to levy an additional inspection charge payable by the tenant, as specified in the lease agreement.

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